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Welcome to Kasi Infrared

We are the home of the world famous Patriot and Minuteman infrared systems. Once you join forces with Kasi Infrared you will become part of our fast growing family and the largest infrared family in the industry. At Kasi Infrared our goal is to grow the infrared industry not just sell you our machines with the massive infrastructure issues all around the world, infrared is the true answer to most of these infrastructure issues. So now is the right time to get into this exploding business. Everyday more and more towns, cities and states are requiring infrared to close asphalt repairs finally. Why? Because there is absolutely no better way than true infrared to get the job done right the first time. Our infrared process and system is truly amazing once you see our machines work you will be convinced. At Kasi Infrared we do not just sell you the best quality equipment in the industry, but we make sure our customers are properly trained; we always welcome visits to our factory for tours and training. If you can't come to us, that is okay, we will also travel to your business where we will perform a live training for you and your crew, no matter what brand your equipment is, we will help. Proper training is vital in ensuring the quality of your repairs and knowledge of the infrared process. Repairs done by a crew that has not been trained are significantly less quality than repairs a trained and knowledgeable crew can produce. Again, our goal is to grow the infrared industry by educating the world of the infrared process. as well as proof when you see the repairs infrared produces with your own eyes. This is our mission which benefits all infrared users. At Kasi we help all of our customers get started in this exciting business, with the knowledge of the process and equipment as well as firsthand operation which we have been practicing for fifteen years. our slogan is simple..." if we succeed, you succeed!" it's all about working together. Please enjoy your visit to our website and let us know what your thoughts are. After all it is our customers that have helped us make Kasi Infrared the most respected name in the industry!

From all the employee's at Kasi Infrared and me, we look forward to working with you in the near future.

Thank you,
Roger G. Filion
President of Kasi Infrared

P.O. Box 895
Claremont, NH 03743
Phone: 603-865-1893
Toll Free: 1-800-450-8602
Fax: 603-865-1896
Email: info@kasiinfrared.com

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