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Your best choice is Kasi Infrared Equipment

Kasi Infrared is the industry leader in new infrared designs. At Kasi Infrared we provide the best quality, service, dependability, and technical support available. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose a Kasi Infrared machine.

Re-Designed Infrared Chamber

Kasi Infrared has developed an Infrared heating system that will outperform any of the competition. We have added two additional converters to our chamber for a total of eight. This has allowed our customers to obtain the most even infrared heat transfer on the market. This design totally eliminates cold spots and provides our customers with the fastest infrared heat transfer available.

This, combined with our newly designed deeper chamber provides deeper penetration and heat times of five minutes without sacrificing fuel efficiency. The challenge now will be for the operators to keep up with the machine. At kasi we continue to strive to manufacture the finest infrared equipment available. (Patent Pending)

Direct Air Dura-Glo Burner

KASI Infrared has worked for nearly two years now with the manufacturer of our infrared Dura-Glo Burners to refine the direct air dura-glo burner system for all of our LPG fired asphalt re-claimers. This new direct air system provides a true infrared heat for better performance in holding and re-claiming asphalt, while also providing better efficiency. (Patent Pending)

KASI Ultra Glo Converters

As with any Infrared machine the most important function are the infrared heaters. Several years ago Kasi Infrared designed a completely new infrared converter. These converters are built to outlast and outperform the competition. This design totally eliminates weld shadows and hot spots. Our converters have outperformed and out lasted the competition's converters and or heating systems. Kasi's all stainless steel converters are the best means of controlled infrared heat on the market today. Kasi's Infrared converters replace the old troublesome ribbon style converters and minimize the costly replacement of the grids and converters. Anyone who has a competitor's machine knows how costly the hot spots in their grids can be. These hot spots are caused by broken welds and inconsistent orifice openings on the ribbons. It is important to note that over the past several years Kasi Infrared has converted over fifty of our competitors' machines to our Ultra Glo converter System at a cost of over $ 12,000.00 dollars each. There must be a compelling reason for their customers to spend this much money to convert their machines over to our Kasi Ultra Glo system.

12 Volt DC Power System

Kasi Infrared utilizes a 12 volt electrical system where others use a 24 volt system. Some of the benefits of the Kasi 12 volt system are:

  • Doubles the life of the batteries and minimizes time needed between charges.
  • Much easier to maintain.
  • Dramatically increases the life of the blower motors and their components by up to 3 times as long.
And since blower motors are one of the most important maintenance items with all manufacturers this is a very important consideration. Other benefits of KASI's 12 volts system over the competition, is that Kasi users can charge the bank of batteries on our equipment from their truck's charging system while traveling to and from jobs as well as while making Infrared repairs. Kasi also offers a similar option for our trailer mounted equipment.

Battery Charging

Kasi Infrared uses 20 amp marine battery chargers / maintainers. These chargers are designed to be truly heavy duty and are extremely durable in order to stand up to the rigorous use in a piece of construction equipment. Additionally, they are designed to maintain the proper level of charge the unit can be left plugged in continually without risk of damaging the batteries due to overcharging. This is extremely beneficial in colder climates where the batteries are at risk of freezing during idle times.

Gas Piping

Kasi Infrared goes the extra distance with pre-formed stainless steel piping with Swagelok compression fittings throughout and incorporates superior Red Hat gas valves in all of its propane systems. The benefits of the Kasi design with stainless piping and the Swagelok fittings are a much safer system that is far more user friendly in terms of parts replacement. The old design with black iron water piping is prone to leaks, which is much more difficult to deal with when the need arises to change a component part, and tends to rust in places making repairs difficult. During the assembly of the schedule 40 pipes with all of its parts and fittings there is a high probability of debris being left in the piping. Ultimately debris will get to the gas needle valves and restrict or block vapor flow. This causes unscheduled down time and lengthy repair of the system.

Hand tightening POL fittings

The propane hoses are connected to the tanks using hand tightening, excess flow check valves and soft nose fittings.

Hand tightening- As you may know POL fittings are left hand thread. Instead of having a 7/8" wrench connection these have a knob. In addition to not needing a wench when changing tanks, the benefit is that an inexperienced operator will not strip the fitting while trying to loosen it by turning it counter clockwise. Excess flow check- This fitting has an internal check valve that senses for excess gas flow (which is caused by a broken hose or other damage). Once detected this check valve shuts off the flow of gas. Soft noise- There is an O-ring on the fitting to provide a tighter seal. This O-ring significantly lessons the likelihood of a gas leak and will reduce the need to over tighten the fitting to stop a leak.

Asphalt Re-claimer Design

Kasi Infrared re-claimers are designed to have the heated air travel up the walls thru the air channels. After it reaches the top of the walls it is vented to the atmosphere. This design significantly improves the flow of heated air throughout the re-claimer walls. Other re-claimers vent the heated air directly into the asphalt holding area. There are a number of problems with that old design, including:

  • The asphalt beneath the vents will be dried out by the hot air.
  • When the re-claimer is loaded, care must be taken to clear the fresh asphalt from in front of and around the heat vents. If the vents are left obstructed it will impede the heated air flow.
  • Since hot air rises venting the air into the top of the asphalt storage area of the re-claimer serves no useful purpose.
KASI Infrared's Dura-Glo Infrared Burners

Our exclusive Dura-Glo nickel chromium burners are significantly more reliable than the old Schwank style burners. Gone are the days of continually replacing ceramics and fiberfrax. Our Dura-Glo burners will outlast and outperform the competition. Also the Dura-Glo burner can be easily retro-fitted to almost any machine.

Electrical Controls

Kasi Infrared's control boxes are easily accessed with locations easily within the operators reach.

Stainless Steel Heating Thermal Pro Chamber

  • Kasi Infrared uses a stainless steel chamber, stainless steel chamber blocks and stainless steel supports to prevent rusting.
  • Kasi chambers accommodate eight 6' converters for the most even and intense infrared available resulting in the best infrared heat transfer in the industry.
  • The chamber is treated with a high heat reflective paint.
  • The four corners of the chamber are reinforced with stainless steel angle to help protect the corners from accidental damage. Kasi Infrared also offers fold down stainless steel wind deflectors for use in windy areas.
  • Rectangular tube frame rails.
  • Kasi Infrared's frame rails are made of 3" x 5" x 3/8"wall, one piece rectangular tubing for our heavier trailer mounted equipment. Not only is tubing stronger than channel or angle but it looks great.
  • Trailer Axles
  • Kasi Infrared uses Dexter Torflex axles (Torsion bar spring) on all Kasi trailer mounted equipment. We chose torflex axles because they are the best axles available.
  • Although they are more expensive, they are warrantied for five years vs. 1 year for leaf spring axles. Additionally Kasi uses solid steel wheels not demountable rims resulting in far superior tire wear and life.
Fuel Consumption

Kasi's Ultra Glo Converters consume approximately 600,000 BTU's of fuel that's 12,500 BTU's per sq. which is 20 % more efficient then our competitor's.


To assure proper operation of our equipment and the Infrared repair process itself is fully understood, Kasi offers a day's training with our equipment. (This includes off shore sales).


On most Kasi equipment the chamber, dump bin and re-claimer doors are controlled by a hydraulic system in place of the old winch and cable system. The hydraulic system is standard on Kasi Infrared's Patriot Truck Mounted System, and also standard on Kasi Infrared's Minuteman trailer mounted System.

Ultimate Air System

(OPTIONAL) Pavement heaters can be ordered with the optional Ultimate Air Blower System. This revolutionary new system is operated by two 12 volt motors that require no armature or brush maintenance for trouble free and long life operation.


Everything that we put into our equipment is of the best quality. Putting quality first costs more and takes a little longer to fabricate, however the safety, performance, efficiency, and mean time between failure in the field makes it all worthwhile. Kasi's design and manufacturing is uncompromising in quality and our customer support is second to none. At Kasi Infrared we don't care whose machine it is or what make it is we are here to serve all Infrared customers with all their needs and help the application of Infrared Asphalt Restoration to move forward. At Kasi Infrared we listen to our customer's needs and suggestions for improvements to make our equipment the best it can possibly be. Kasi Infrared always puts safety first and foremost in all of our new designs. The employees at Kasi take great pride in their work and are dedicated to providing the best Infrared equipment available year after year.

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